Hewa Project

Project Overview

Lower Hewa Khola Hydropower Project (LHKHP) is a ROR type project entirely located in Panchthar
District having an installed capacity of 21.6 MW. This company Moutain Hydro Nepal Pvt. Ltd. has
been developing this project. LHKHP utilize the water from Hewa Khola and Pheme Khola to gain the
required capacity by constructing headworks in both rivers. The general layout of this project
consists of Headworks, Head Race Tunnel (HRT), Adit, Surge Shaft, Penstock, Power House and Tail
Race Canal (TRC). The headwork comprises weir, side intake, gravel trap, approach culvert, settling
basin and forebay. HRT, Penstock pipe line and TRC is used fas a water conveyance. Surge Shaft is
provided at the end and vertically above HRT to minimize the water hammer and mass oscillation
effect. Adit is provided for the smooth operation in construction activities and to achieve the target
within the time period. Water from Hewa khola is collected at Hewa Headworks and is allowed to
flow via. 1296m HRT to merge with water collected at Pheme Headworks. The combined mass of
water will flow thorough the main HRT (3997m), penstock pipe line to the power house for the
energy extraction. Water from the power house is displaced to Hewa khola stream via. TRC.